1. Submit Player Profile

  2. Register for Photo Day (even if not purchasing)

  3. Pay Booster Dues (see QR Code or check to Lady Falcons Booster Club.

  4. Team Dinner Sign Up

  5. See optional items on this page (spirit wear, media guide shout outs yard signs).  Note deadlines for each.

LadyFalconsbb QR Venmo Code.jpg

2021-22 PHOTO DAY

All players must register for photo day (even if not ordering photos).  This enters each player in the system to make the process go faster, allows photos to return for digital upload, and provides account to order from later if wanted.

Click here or scan QR code to register for Photo Fieldhouse by December 3rd.

Photo Day QR.JPG


Click here to sign up to provide program dinners (feeding 30 people).  All dinners will be hosted either at Olathe South or possibly one other location (will confirm).

  1. Nov 23 (Tues) @ 6:45P @ Falcon's Nest - Chili Feast: Retreat

  2. ​Dec 6th (Mon) @ 5:00P - Mexican Food:  Season kick off

  3. Jan 6th (Thurs) @ 6:30P - BBQ:  Return from holidays

  4. Jan 25th (Tues) @ 6:45P - Potato Bar:  Send off to McPherson

  5. Feb 21 (Mon) @ 5:00P - Pasta: Last Game/Senior Night Celebration by boosters

2021-22 SPIRIT WEAR (Optional)

Click here for the online store through M&A Designs.  Note deadlines in the link.

2021-22 MEDIA GUIDE SHOUT OUTS (Optional) 

If you would like to purchase a space in the media guide to give a "shout out" of encouragement to a player, email ladyfalconsboosterclub@gmail.com with 75 characters or less and use the QR code to Venmo $5 to @LadyFalconsbb.  You may also print this form to fill out & return with payment by 11/30 to your coach in an envelope labeled "Lady Falcons Booster Club".

LadyFalconsbb QR Venmo Code.jpg

2021-22 YARD SIGNS (Optional)

Yard signs are optional purchase.  Click here to print the order form and return by MONDAY, Nov 29th.


Yard Sign Order Form 2021.JPG

The overall goal is to provide opportunities to make high school basketball about connections and relationships and support the coaches in their efforts to make the season a positive experience.  The booster club supports the coaches by organizing events, celebrations, apparel, social media communication, non-game details (i.e. photos, etc).  Parents get to help support with booster dues and by securing additional donations or business sponsors. 


  • Gatorades for Middle School Teams/Serving Others

  • Organize Late Night Event

  • Produce Media Guide

  • Senior Banners, Senior Gifts, Organizing Senior Night

  • Team Culture Retreat

  • Apparel (Late Night, Our Echo, Heart Behind the Jersey, Pink Night, Shooting Shirts)

  • Snacks & Meals (Team dinner, travel bags, tournaments)

  • Teambuilders

  • Banquet (photos, food, decorations)

  • Website Domain

  • Photos/Video