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The overall goal is to provide opportunities to make high school basketball about connections and relationships and support the coaches in their efforts to make the season a positive experience.  The booster club supports the coaches by organizing events, celebrations, apparel, social media communication, non-game details (i.e. photos, etc).  Parents get to help support with booster dues and by securing additional donations or business sponsors. 


  • Gatorades for Middle School Teams/Serving Others

  • Organize Late Night Event

  • Produce Media Guide

  • Senior Banners, Senior Gifts, Organizing Senior Night

  • Team Culture Retreat

  • Apparel (Late Night, Heart Behind the Jersey, Pink Night, Shooting Shirts)

  • Snacks & Meals (Team dinner, travel bags, tournaments)

  • Teambuilders

  • Banquet (photos, food, decorations)

  • Website Domain

  • Photos/Video

  • Community Service Events

Donations are welcomed by either contacting or using Venmo with comment donation.

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